TO2M™ Underpads
Meet The World’s First Oxygen Releasing Underpads.


  • Patented oxygen-releasing technology
  • Studies suggest that TO2M underpads may improve healing for pressure sores
  • Reduces humidity, irritation, and odor
  • Actively lowers pH to a healthier level
  • Ultra absorbent material provides hours of comfortable use
An innovative underpad that actively protects the user and accelerates wound healing. It also absorbs humidity, protects against leakage, and reduces odor.


“The wound healing process can be effectively improved if given the right conditions; specifically, by providing the ideal microenvironment. I believe TO2M’s technology greatly serves that purpose and I recommend their wound care products to my patients.”


– Dr. Nathan Hageman, John’s Hopkins University


TO2M Underpads help reduce moisture and humidity, neutralizes odor, fights anaerobic bacteria, lowers underpad pH levels to mimic that of healthy skin, all while actively providing pure oxygen. This helps alleviate some of the common issues traditional underpads have and based on current studies, drastically improves healing of wounds like pressure sores. To see and download the study report click the button below. Keep in mind that this study was conducted by an independent third party and not in any way funded by TO2M. The results and conclusions were not altered in any way, shape or form.

Warning: Images contained in study are graphic and may be disturbing to some.

Oxygen Helps Protect Users

Our patented oxygen-releasing formula is evenly distributed throughout TO2M underpads. As any absorbed liquid makes its way through each layer, you oxygen is readily released throughout and beyond the underpad. Oxygen alone is responsible for many of the benefits our underpad brings.

What does the science say?
  • Oxygen plays an important role in the healthy maintenance of our skin, specifically in the prevention of infection and even wound healing!


Sen, Chandan K. “Wound healing essentials: let there be oxygen.” Wound repair and regeneration17.1 (2009): 1-18.

Kimmel, Howard M., Anthony Grant, and James Ditata. “The Presence of Oxygen in Wound Healing.” Wounds: a compendium of clinical research and practice 28.8 (2016): 264-270.

Gottrup, Finn. “Oxygen in wound healing and infection.” World journal of surgery 28.3 (2004): 312-315.

Stücker, M., et al. “The cutaneous uptake of atmospheric oxygen contributes significantly to the oxygen supply of human dermis and epidermis.” The Journal of physiology 538.3 (2002): 985-994.

Reduces Humidity and Moisture

Conventional underpads are great at absorbing large molecules of water (like urine), but have trouble reducing the stuffy, humid feeling. TO2M underpads incorporates superb moisture AND humidity wicking materials. This feature was designed specifically to help users avoid feeling like they’re laying on a warm steaming towel.

A More Complete Protection

TO2M underpads are designed to deliver beyond what conventional underpads do. Conventional underpads are simply for absorption, they don’t offer benefits beyond that. Our underpads are different. By releasing oxygen, controlling the pH, and decreasing moisture and humidity; we create a more beneficial microenvironment between the user, their skin, and the underpads.

What our beneficial microenvironment may help bring:
  • Odor causing bacteria have a less hospitable environment to grow in. Less harmful bacteria equals less odor, itches and irritation. This can help prevent wounds from getting worse from scratching as well.
  • Wound healing may be accelerated as an acidic pH and increased oxygen content has both been shown to be beneficial for healthy or damaged skin. This may in part explain how the pressure sores healed so much better in the pilot study linked above.

Oxygen and proper pH control fights off pesky unwanted odors by helping get rid of unwanted anaerobic bacteria.

A healthy pH and proper oxygenation can help your skin breathe easier and relax more! This will lead to a more soothing feeling and less irritation.

TO2M underpads are created free of rayon, chlorine, dioxins, acetones, fragrances, deodorants, artificial dyes, phthalates, chloroethane, chloroform, chloromethane, acetophenone, and pesticide residues!

TO2M underpads are made with safety and utmost quality in mind. TO2M underpads are made in an FDA and cGMP compliant Class 2 BS 5295 Cleanroom, using only premium materials which have been carefully selected to bringing the most comfort for our users.

Maximum Breathability

Our underpads are designed to be extremely light and breathable, plus they literally generate oxygen directly to your skin! So even when the underpads are filled with liquids, unlike conventional pads, oxygen can still reach your skin!

Protective Synergy

TO2M underpads have been carefully designed to make sure each feature compliments each other in such a way that when combined, its benefits will be even more useful than they would be alone!

Lets take TO2M’s odor fighting benefit as an example. Oxygen helps fight odors while lowering the pH can also serve the same function. But when combined, they further improve effectiveness in stopping those pesky unwanted odors compared to when working individually.

This is what we call, protective synergy!

A Lower pH Equals A Better Underpad

TO2M underpads is capable of creating a beneficial acidic environment of approximately 4.5-5.5 within the underpad once fluids are absorbed. The acidity level was carefully selected to closely mimic that of healthy skin, while also being a beneficial pH for wound healing and finally being out of the optimal growth ranges of many pathogenic bacteria.

All Around Protection

TO2M underpads have been designed from the ground up to provide you the most innovative and complete protection currently available on the market. We are extremely proud to share with you, TO2M, The Oxygen Movement.

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