Oxygène Parfait Facial Mask
Experience Luxurious Oxygen Facials From Anywhere In The World.


  • Releases two forms of oxygen – active oxygen and pure diatomic oxygen
  • Releases carbon dioxide to increase microcirculation
  • Safely brightens skin without harsh chemicals
  • Increased O2 and CO2 contributes to smoother, more supple skin
  • Clean, mess free application
  • Heated variety also available
A skin-rejuvenating mask specifically designed to boost skin oxygenation and turn back the hands of time, revealing more youthful skin complexion. Once active, nano-sized molecules of carbon dioxide and two forms of oxygen readily penetrate your skin’s most outer layer and into the deeper layer of the dermis. This helps brighten your skin-tone and nourishes your skin.


“The # 1 recommended respirator mask that improves the oxygen to carbon dioxide ratio, moisture control, and overall comfort over long periods of time.”

– Dr. Nathan Hageman, John’s Hopkins University

Oxycap™ Releases Up To 500mL Of Pure Oxygen

Our patented oxygen-releasing formula is distributed within a capsule which is bonded directly to the mask. This capsule is called Oxycap™. With each breath you make, humidity and carbon dioxide make its way through the fabric to our technology. Once that happens, a reaction occurs and pure oxygen is released into the respirator ready for you to breathe in! Each Oxycap™ can release up to 500mL of pure oxygen.


TruTone™ Clear Voice Technology


Respirators are here to protect the user, but in our digital age, traditional respirator masks fail to deliver on the critical aspect of having a clear voice while talking on the phone. People often resort to taking off the mask while talking then putting it back on, but that could be incredibly dangerous when there is heavy pollution or when there is a significant risk of getting sick from taking off the mask; such as when you’re in a doctor’s office or hospital.

TruTone™ technology makes it possible for you and professionals alike, to never have to take off the respirator in order to be heard clearly on the other line. This makes our respirator that much better.


Ultimate Protection, Brings Ultimate Comfort.


TO2M respirators bring an unparalleled level of comfort through active protection.

By releasing oxygen, reducing humidity, and absorbing carbon dioxide; a drastically more comfortable and long-lasting respirator is made. It feels cooler as a result and protects you better than traditional respirators. You will breathe easier and your lungs will thank you for it.

Reducing excessive carbon dioxide levels help increase comfort and may help decrease the likelihood of headaches caused by conventional respirator masks.

Made using 100% N-95 grade materials means you’ll have nothing to worry about! It stops you from inhaling particles of pollution and even small viruses and bacteria that could get you sick. N-95 grade means that it’ll block at least 95% of particles over 0.3 microns in diameter; to put that in perspective, that’s over 800 times smaller than a white blood cell!

A proper fitting respirator is perhaps the most important of all aspects of respiratory protection. Without a proper fit, even the best filter won’t save your lungs! That’s why we have respirators for both children and adults in a variety of sizes so no matter what shape your head is, there will be one that fits you perfectly!

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