The O2 Movement™ Adult Diapers
Meet The World’s First Oxygen Releasing Feminine Pads.


  • Patented oxygen-releasing technology
  • Effectively reduces humidity, irritation, and odor
  • Actively lowers pH to a healthier level
  • Time-tested wing design and leak-guards to prevent accidental leakages
  • Hours of comfortable, worry-free protection

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What Real Women Think About TO2M Pads
“After trying TO2M pads I can’t imagine them not being a game changer for periods, postpartum needs, and even bladder leakage needs. They’re truly amazing, and I am singing the praises of these products to any ears willing to listen! ”
Kay Keeler

OB/GYN Nurse

“I’m not really a “pad user but definitely liked the benefits of alternating my usage with Toms Pads. I felt more fresh, and didn’t feel like most pads where you feel gross like your wearing a diaper or something. I also noticed it was lighter down there. I guess that’s what happens when your vagina can breathe!”
Tanesha Fields

Singer/Song Writer

“These are truly amazing I actually do feel the difference and would absolutely recommend them to anyone with skin allergies and sensitive skin. Less irritation and discomfort and no humid feeling!”
Karenia Brand

Valued Customer

The ONLY feminine pad that DOESN’T feel like a diaper.

The Oxygen Movement Pads, or simply pronounced “TOM”, go beyond what any other pad can do for you.

TO2M Pads help reduce moisture and humidity, neutralizes odor, fights anaerobic bacteria, lowers inner pad pH levels to mimic that of healthy skin, all while actively providing pure oxygen to freshen things up!

  • Brace yourself for the freshest monthly experience! Our top layer stays incredibly dry and will be the most comfortable pad you’ll ever use.

  • Say goodbye to leaks, spills, and stains. Besides it’s impressive absorbability, TO2M pads offer maximum protection thanks to its revolutionary leak guards that are located on both sides of the pads.

  • Stay active! TO2M Pads are designed with strong, sturdy wings to keep everything in place, so you can go on about your day without any worries. Made from high-quality, non-toxic materials, our pads are durable and extremely soft to reduce painful chafing or irritation.

TO2M Pads are held at the highest standards with the most innovative technology on the market, without ever compromising on safety or absorbency! With TO2M Pads, you can truly feel unstoppable on your period!

The ONLY feminine pad that DOESN’T feel like a diaper.

Releases up to 50mL of Pure Oxygen!

Our patented oxygen-releasing formula is evenly distributed throughout the core of TO2M pads. As any absorbed liquid makes its way through each layer, you get fresh oxygen released throughout and beyond the pad! Imagine an oxygen facial, but for your vulva! In fact, each pad can produce up to 50mL of pure odor-fighting oxygen!

What does the science say?
  • Vagina friendly bacteria called Lactobacilli literally make their own oxygen to fight off odor, irritation and disease causing microbes such as Gardnerella Vaginalis, which can give the vagina an unpleasant fishy odor. Rest assured, the good bacteria aren’t scared of oxygen because they have their own oxygen defense system called catalase!


Reduces Humidity and Moisture

Conventionally, pads only absorb the blood, but can’t capture the humidity. TO2M pads incorporates superb moisture AND humidity wicking materials. This feature was designed specifically to help women avoid feeling like they’re wearing a hot wet diaper!

A Lower pH, A Healthier Pad

TO2M pads also creates a beneficial acidic environment within the pad once fluids are absorbed. The acidity level was carefully selected to closely mimic that of healthy skin and the vagina.

With a more acidic pH:
  • Odor causing bacteria have a less hospitable environment to grow in. Less harmful bacteria equals less odor, itches and irritation.
  • Irritations from an excessive alkaline environment may also be reduced.

Oxygen and proper pH control fights off pesky unwanted odors by helping get rid of unwanted anaerobic bacteria.

A healthy pH and proper oxygenation can help your skin breathe easier and relax more! This will lead to a more soothing feeling and less irritation.

TO2M pads are created free of rayon, chlorine, dioxins, acetones, fragrances, deodorants, artificial dyes, phthalates, chloroethane, chloroform, chloromethane, acetophenone, and pesticide residues!

TO2M pads are made with safety and utmost quality in mind. TO2M pads are made in an FDA and cGMP compliant Class 2 BS 5295 Cleanroom. This goes beyond traditional feminine pad manufacturing standards which doesn’t require any sort of cleanroom!

Leak-free, Ultra Dry Top Layer

This layer is specifically designed to allow menstrual flow in one direction and provide breathability while keeping it incredibly dry. Basically moisture and humidity goes in, but can’t come out! We call this one-way moisture control.

We’ve also added a strong winged-base with a pH-neutral adhesive that will help prevent slippage throughout the day so you have nothing to worry about!

All Around Protection

TO2M pads have been designed from the ground up to provide you the most innovative and complete protection currently available on the market. We are extremely proud to share with you, TO2M, The Oxygen Movement.

Maximum Breathability

Say goodbye to humidity and hello to your own cloud of comfort! Our pads are designed to be extremely light and breathable, that you might just forget it’s there!

Protective Synergy

TO2M pads have been carefully designed to make sure each feature compliments each other in such a way that when combined, its benefits will be even more useful than they would be alone!

Lets take TO2M’s odor fighting benefit as an example. Oxygen helps fight odors while lowering the pH can also serve the same function. But when combined, they further improve effectiveness in stopping those pesky unwanted odors compared to when working individually.

This is what we call, protective synergy!

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